3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Bring Their Car to College

3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Bring Their Car to College

If your child is heading to college, you may be wondering whether they should bring their vehicle to campus. Check out the top reasons why your child should bring their car to college so you can make an informed decision that satisfies both you and your student.


Perhaps one of the most important reasons why your child should have a car on campus is for an added level of safety. If your student often studies at the library late at night, for instance, it’s helpful to have a reliable mode of transportation. If your child has a car, you won’t have to worry about them waiting outside in the dark for a ride or walking home alone.

Plus, if your student goes to school in a snowy climate, they can opt to drive to class and other meetings. Instead of slipping and sliding as they walk around campus, your child will be able to safely—and warmly—arrive at their destination on time.

Off-Campus Job

If your child plans to find a job while in college, having a car is incredibly helpful. Since having a car means they can easily travel off campus, their employment opportunities will increase exponentially. Not to mention, they may have more flexibility with their work hours since they won’t be tied to a specific bus schedule.

The opportunity for your student to make a reliable income will ultimately enhance their college experience. They’ll be able to afford to participate in fun activities and explore the community beyond the immediate campus.

Traveling Home

Another important reason why your child should bring their car to college is to make it easier for them to visit you! It can be a difficult adjustment when your student heads off to college, so it’s comforting to know they can drive home to see you with minimal planning. If you don’t live too far from campus, your child can even make a quick weekend trip for a home-cooked meal.

Having a car prevents your student from spending a lot of money on airfare or train tickets to travel home during busy school breaks. They’ll also be able to leave and return at convenient times instead of being confined to a strict schedule.

As long as your child follows these back-to-school car care tips for college students, they’ll be able to easily pack up their vehicle and head home whenever they please. As a parent, you know there’s no better feeling than seeing your child walk through the front door after weeks or months apart.

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