Ways To Help Your Teenager Figure Out a Career

Ways To Help Your Teenager Figure Out a Career

If you have a teenager in your house, you understand the pressure that comes with high school. Am I getting good grades? Which college should I go to? What career should I pursue? These questions seem to circulate through a teen’s mind. It’s normal for parents to struggle as they watch their children stress out. Here are ways to help your teenager figure out a career to make the process less stressful.

Encourage Your Child To Explore Various Activities

It’s easy to allow your child to find something they really love and stick with it. But it’s important to encourage them to try new things. Trying a range of activities will allow your child to learn more about themselves. Look at the patterns of the activities they love and see if that can help them narrow down a career path.

Teach Them Patience

These high school years can be overwhelming for any teenager. It’s normal for teenagers to worry about what career is right for them. They may bounce back and forth between decisions when considering which major is best for them. Staying positive and encouraging is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Teach them that being indecisive is OK and to be patient. The decision may be unclear now, but it will all make sense one day.

Avoid Living Vicariously Through Your Child

We’ve all heard it before. Someone tells you a story about how they could’ve been a lawyer, doctor, or ocean explorer, but they passed up opportunities or messed around too much in college. If you have a missed career opportunity from your past, it’s important not to attempt to steer your child toward it. Living vicariously through your children is never a good thing. Let your kid choose the path that they want to take.

Be an Excellent Role Model

Your kids are always watching you, so your actions and words matter. Have open and honest conversations if they ask you questions about your career choice. Create a safe space where your child can come to you with questions or concerns. It’s a big responsibility as a parent, but it’s worth it.

Use these helpful tips to guide your teenager to the right career. You can also use online tools, like a career guide, to provide insight into what career they should pursue. Plenty of options exist, so do your research to find the right one. They’re not all the same.

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