Useful Things You Should Keep in Your Car

Useful Things You Should Keep in Your Car

When your teen hits the road, preparing them for the unexpected is always a good idea. Whether they’re cruising around campus or off to visit family, they should keep a few things on hand to ensure safety and convenience. So, check out these useful things anyone should keep in their car!


A multi-tool is a must-have for any car owner. It’s small and compact, yet it contains various tools to mitigate many situations. A multi-tool is helpful in many scenarios, but above all, it’s a great safety tool.

A multi-tool can help with minor repairs or adjustments in unexpected car trouble, providing you with peace of mind. Additionally, multi-tools can cut seat belts or break windows, making them crucial in emergencies!

Jumper Cables

Flat batteries are a nightmare for any driver. A jumper cable can help when something goes wrong with the car battery. Additionally, drivers can help out fellow students in the parking lot as well!

When choosing jumper cables, opt for a set with heavy-duty clamps, a strong grip, and a solid set of teeth. That way, your teen can ensure a reliable and secure connection when jump-starting a vehicle’s battery.

Spare Tire

A flat tire is always a risk because it can result in structural damage to the tire itself and other critical vehicle components such as the wheel, brakes, and rim edges. Therefore, a spare tire is a useful thing you should keep in your car. 

Ensure the spare tire is in good condition, and make sure your college student always has the necessary tools to change it. In particular, a lug wrench and jack are essential for tire changing. They can also keep a flashlight on hand (just in case they need to change the tire at night). 

Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most versatile tools to keep in a car. From fixing a leak in your cooler to patching a tent, duct tape is a must-have. However, it’s also a helpful tool for automotive glass issues. Use duct tape and a plastic bag to create a temporary cover when handling a broken car window. Remember, it’s not a permanent solution, so window repairs will still be necessary.


Blankets can provide warmth and comfort during car emergencies, such as waiting for help if your vehicle breaks down. Additionally, they can enhance outdoor gatherings, making camping and parties more enjoyable and comfortable, especially during colder weather. Having blankets in the car can also help during unexpected situations, such as breakdowns!

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