How To Protect Your RV From Inclement Weather

How To Protect Your RV From Inclement Weather

For many parents facing the empty nest syndrome with their kids moving away to college, the RV parked in the driveway transitions from a family vacation vehicle to an adventurous escape for two. However, nothing puts a damper on those travel dreams quite like the unpredictable tantrums of nature. Learn how to protect your RV from inclement weather so you can travel anywhere with peace of mind.

Protect From Heavy Rain

Heavy rain might seem innocuous, but it can penetrate poorly sealed RVs and cause serious water damage. Make sure your RV’s seals and seams are impeccably maintained. Regularly inspect and reinforce the sealant around windows, doors, and the roof. By keeping water out, you protect the interior and prevent mold and mildew, keeping your post-college road trips fresh and carefree.

Protect From Lightning

While the spectacle of a lightning storm can be awe-inspiring, it poses a real threat to your RV, especially if it’s not properly grounded. To safeguard your mobile haven, park it in a lower area away from tall trees or structures that could attract lightning strikes. Additionally, an RV surge protector is a must to protect your RV’s electrical system.

Protect From Snow and Hail

To protect your RV from snow and hail, invest in a high-quality, breathable, waterproof RV cover that can shield your vehicle from the elements while preventing ice buildup. Ensuring your RV is properly insulated will also keep the interior warm and cozy, providing a perfect retreat after a day spent exploring the winter wonderland.

Protect From High Winds

High winds can turn any RV trip into an unexpected thrill ride. To anchor your vessel against these gusts, make use of stabilizing jacks or wheel chocks. When you park the RV, retract awnings and secure loose items outside to prevent them from becoming projectiles. Choosing a sheltered parking spot, away from open fields or high ridges, can also reduce the wind’s impact.

Knowing how to protect your RV from inclement weather ensures that your journeys remain joyful, regardless of what the skies have in store. As your kids embark on their college adventure, it’s time for you to chart new territories with your trusty—and now weatherproof—RV.

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