Brow Dye vs. Brow Tint: What Professionals Need To Know

Brow Dye vs. Brow Tint: What Professionals Need To Know

You might think that brow dye and brow tint are one and the same based on their similar-sounding names, but they actually have distinct differences in their application and effects. As a beauty professional, it’s crucial that you understand the difference between these two brow-enhancing products so you can provide your clients with the best results. Here’s what professionals need to know about brow dye and brow tint.

What They Have in Common

You can think of brow dye and brow tint as fraternal twins. They have unique characteristics that set them apart, but they also bear a few similarities.

Some of the similarities these products have in common include:


Brow dye and brow tint serve the same purpose—they both add color to the brow hairs to saturate and define them.


The application process for brow dye and brow tint is similar. While instructions may vary slightly depending on the exact product you use, you typically just mix the colored formula and apply it to the client’s brow using a wand, brush, or orange wood stick.

Color Options

Brow dye and brow tint both come in an array of colors. From natural shades such as black, brown, and blonde to colorful rainbow hues, your clients have plenty of options to choose from.


In some states, beauty professionals need to be certified in lash and brow tinting to legally provide these services. This is also true for professionals who want to offer brow dyeing services.

What Makes Brow Dye Unique

Brow dye is similar to henna in that it stains both the brow hairs and the skin beneath them. This results in deep, rich coloration. Brow dye is ideal for clients who want dramatic, long-lasting results, as it can make the brows appear substantially thicker, darker, and more defined. And because it lasts for four to six weeks, your clients can enjoy over a month of beautiful brows without the need for daily makeup touchups.

What Makes Brow Tint Unique

Unlike brow dye, which colors both the brow hairs and the skin beneath them, brow tint only colors the hairs. It produces results that are noticeable, but not as intense. Because brow tint isn’t as strong as brow dye, it doesn’t last as long. The tint slowly washes out of the brow hairs over a period of two to four weeks. This makes it an excellent option for clients who want to enhance their brows temporarily for an event, such as a prom or a wedding.

Now that you know more about the differences between brow dye and brow tint, you can clearly see how each has its own use. If your client wants mind-blowing definition, brow dye is the way to go. But if they want a look that’s more subtle and natural, brow tint will better suit their preference. Consult with your clients to choose the right options for their needs.

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