4 Things That Need Regular Cleaning in a Hotel

4 Things That Need Regular Cleaning in a Hotel

Travelers and innkeepers alike should always expect a hotel to be clean, well-kept, and sanitary. Still, there are some elements and items that people tend to overlook in everyday cleaning. Management should instruct hotel staff to include regular and thorough cleansing of these specific parts and equipment in their daily or weekly duties. Read on to learn about four things that need regular cleaning in a hotel.

Ice Machines

You may wonder how dirty an ice machine can get. After all, it just turns clean, filtered water into ice, right? That’s true, but the process can get a little dirtier and more unhygienic than you think. The ice machine needs regular cleaning and maintenance, as water can encourage the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, among other microorganisms that can make people sick. Hotel staff should monitor the ice machine for leaks and pooling water inside and around the machine. Regular wipe downs are a must, and regular cleaning and sterilizing are necessary every six months. Maintaining this machine keeps the ice tasting fresher too!

Vents and Ducts

Vents perform their silent jobs every day. That’s probably why hotel owners overlook them during regular cleanups. Hotel staff need to vacuum and wipe down vents inside and outside hotel rooms to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris. This cleaning habit will cut down on the number of allergens in the air and help the HVAC system run more efficiently throughout the year. Hotels should also schedule a thorough cleaning of the ductwork every three to five years, though sooner is always better.

Lobby Furniture

Even after the pandemic, it pays to keep common areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, and snacking areas sterile. Wherever many people congregate or pass through, there is an opportunity for the transmission of illnesses. Clean the furniture and make it a point to scrub down the walls and floors at least once a week. Lobbies also give guests their first impression of a hotel, so the furniture in these spaces should sparkle.


Here’s the last of the four things that need regular cleaning in a hotel: bedding. It’s a given that sheets, blankets, and covers need regular washing throughout a single guest’s stay and immediate washing between guests. That said, mattresses, pillows, and protectors should also get a periodic deep cleaning. Before replacing the sheets, staff should vacuum mattresses. It’s also beneficial to flip and deep clean mattresses every six months. The six-month rule goes for pillows too. Additionally, hotels should replace pillows after two years of use—otherwise, they’ll lose their shape.

Keeping things clean in a hotel ensures maximum comfort, safety, and healthiness for clients and staff. Make everyone’s stay a pleasant one.

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